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Maintenance Preserves Gas

Subaru is the most fuel eff
icient all-wheel-drive brand on the market. However, next time you're at the pump, think about this: better fuel economy starts with better vehicle maintenance. Why? Because neglect of basic maintenance items can have a significant effect on fuel consumption and the amount of money you spend to "fill it up." 

It's a good thing Jubilee Subaru already offers a range of Genuine Subaru Maintenance Parts and Services that can help you boost fuel economy and save money. Call your Jubilee Subaru Service Advisor at (888)-486-0028 for recommendations on how to get the maximum MPG performance from your Subaru.


Carbon deposits on air intake valves and in the throttle body reduce fuel economy. 
Genuine Subaru Engine Cleaner and Genuine Subaru Throttle Plate and Induction Cleaner can remove harmful deposits. Genuine Subaru Fuel Injector Cleaner Fluid can help prevent them.  

A triggered "Check Engine" light could be signaling any number of problems that impact fuel economy. Diagnosing and repairing a faulty oxygen sensor, for example, can improve mpg by as much as 40%. 

Tires under-inflated by just four pounds of pressure can cut mpg by 10%. Keep your tires properly inflated by checking their pressure often, and always when they are cold.